we are having some friends over for dinner tonight. we always mean to have people over, but seldom actually get around to coordinating it with people. i love having people over for so many reasons. not the least of which being it forces us to clean our house in a more thorough way. after i write this i’m going to dust the house and scrub the bathtub. two things i often ignore day to day. another reason i love having folks over is the excuse to have a fantastic meal. restaurants around here are few and far between and often lacking in service and/or quality. so if we want a great meal, we have to prepare it ourselves. we do eat really well, but i almost never make more than one dish per meal. it’s fun to plan a whole menu with appetizer, main, side & dessert. damian planned tonights menu and is doing the bulk of the cooking. on the menu are: dolmas -stuffed grape leaves (from our very own grape vines) falafel served on homemade pita with tahini sauce, tzatsiki, and veggies. and for dessert fig-pomegranate-porto ice cream! i’m in charge of making the ice cream. i dusted off my icecream maker and i have to say the dessert turned out pretty darn good! you’ll have to excuse my immodesty, i just get excited about stuff…

on another topic, the chickens are getting fat. and it looks like we have a silver laced wyondotte rooster. i’ll post photos soon. 

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  1. food photos?

    First, I’m shocked that you don’t scrub your bathtub on a day to day basis. Shocked.

    Second, did you take any photos of your amazing meal? Let’s see them!

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