the worst opera singer

yesterday morning as the sun was still a red-orange smudge at the bottom of the sky, i was dreaming about an opera singer. actually, i was dreaming i was having a conversation with someone and was rudely interrupted by a very un-talented opera singer doing her vocal exercises. the singing was so bad that i began to wake up. as i was waking, i heard the sound again. a sort of bleating-croaking-shrieking sound that lasted for a second or two, then faded into early morning silence. what was making it? was our neighbor screaming? i heard it again, no, not the neighbor, it didn’t sound human. is gilmore the cat in some kind of perril? maybe, but it didn’t sound cat-like either. is somebody killing a goat? that seemed plausible given the nature of the noise… suddenly i bolted upright in bed. the chickens! are they being massacred again?! in my half asleep state i decided either the chickens or gilmore were in some kind of dier trouble. i jumped out of bed and ran out the door looking for the bobcat or dog or whatever was harming my animals. i ran to the chicken coop and there i saw the creature responsible for this horrific noise.
our rooster is learning how to crow.
i laughed at myself for a few minutes and then went back to bed.

2 thoughts on “the worst opera singer

  1. kikeriki

    Dear Maya,
    That was the best and funniest bedtime story I’ve had in a long, long time. Thank you and good night.
    Love, Mama

  2. update, please…

    Maya, you need to update this post. Your rooster sounds great now! I enjoy hearing him crow in the pre-dawn hours when I happen to be awake.

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