broody chickens

we have two broody chickens. a broody chicken is one that only wants to sit on her eggs. she’ll even settle for sitting on a nest with no eggs. she won’t eat, drink, or poop unless physically moved outside which is not really sustainable. advice varies on what to do about broody chickens. i’ve tried a few things, including dunking her head in water, with no luck. so until i work up the nerve for some bolder treatments i’m just tossing them outside a couple times a day and gathering the eggs as much as possible. here’s a little video of how one bird takes my hint. the reason for the stick is that this little buff orphington bites hard! she bit my thumb and it got infected and i couldn’t type with it for a couple days. when i do get her outside she makes such a racket and keeps carrying on even while she gets herself a long-overdue drink of water and some food. chickens aren’t like people, they can squawk even with their mouths full. my other broody hen doesn’t bite, which i appreciate. all my other chickens are very happy with the spring time and are laying eggs like crazy. my rooster seems to be feeling extra frisky and is causing some of my girls to get little bald spots where he’s been having his way with them! you’d think with 16 hens to attend to nobody would get too much action. maybe he has favorites?