the dog ate my car

we came home from a whirlwind trip to vancouver yesterday. vancouver in the summer is a glorious place indeed. the purpose of this trip was to help with and attend my oma’s memorial service, and help organize all the stuff that belonged to oma. we managed to squeeze in a few dinners with old friends and a couple sunsets viewed from the beach. i didn’t get to see enough of my cute niece or my beautiful sister-in-law, but we did get to eat greek food with my dad, play in the kiddie pool with my niece, eat my brother’s amazing home-cured bacon and try some of his home-brewed pale-ale. i was also able to get a bunch of work done thanks to my portable office, and had some time to reconnect with damian while we waited for a bus or walked to oma’s house. there’s plenty more i could share about this trip, but this post is actually about what happened to our car while we were gone.
i think i’ve mentioned the fact that our property has been invaded by squirrels this year. big, fat, smart, gray squirrels. they scale the fence to the garden and ravage everything. they scale the fence to the chicken yard and eat our chickens expensive organic feed. it’s terrible.
luckily, my fabulous father-in-law has come to our rescue. steve has shot 2 and trapped 4 of the little jerks so far. these guys aren’t native so i don’t want any of you animal lovers shedding any tears on their behalf.
one squirrel made it’s home under the hood of our car. it wasn’t doing much damage until a neighbors dog came and tried to catch it. in process of trying to catch the squirrel, the dog tore off our front license plate, detached the side of the bumper, riped out the wires and bulb to a turn-signal, and bit holes in both front tires, flattening them. honestly! this may be why i don’t own a gun. i know dogs like to chase squirrels, but destroying the front end of my car is just not cool.