spring garden overhaul

2009 was, for many reasons, not a very good year for our garden. our challenges included a lack of time devoted to gardening (death of a loved one, starting a new job, and starting school were factors), depleted soil, a non-native squirrel population explosion, a broken watering system… not to mention the usual extreme heat and dryness, wind, and pests. ugh. despite all that, we did harvest a few peppers and plenty of arugula. a few peppers and some arugula is not why we garden though, so damian and i have made a strong intention to go big this year. damian spent a week digging and amending the soil with goat manure (when i say he spent a week digging, i mean he spent a week digging. dawn till dusk, that’s how he does things). he got rid of all the old dead stuff that was depressing us when we looked out the window, he completely revamped the watering system with drip lines (we were using the thin gauge soaker hose, but the high mineral content of our water clogged them all up.) then he lowered the re-bar hoops and installed bird netting over the beds. the bird netting is practically invisible and we are hoping it will prevent birds, lizards and squirrels from eating everything. the fence around the whole garden protects just from rabbits, rats, and most ground squirrels.

i made the garden plan, researched varieties, ordered seeds and got busy planting. it’s still early, so outside i restrained myself from planting more than chard and beets. inside i started our pepper plants. soon i’ll start eggplant & tomato inside and plant lettuce and potatoes outisde. when it warms up a bit more we’ll plant the carrots, cucumbers and radishes. and then just before it gets really warm in may, we’ll plant EVERYTHING corn, melons, okra, squash, and transplant the eggplant, tomatoes, and peppers.

here’s a little video of the waiting garden. you may notice it’s raining! i couldn’t resist filming our silly rooster standing there getting soaked. you may also note that you can barely see the bird netting.


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