more love for mark bittman

today i received what i believe is mark bittman’s latest cookbook, kitchen express; 404 inspired seasonal dishes you can make in 20 minutes or less.

i already knew i loved mark bittman and his cookbooks, i own three of his enormous volumes (how to cook everything, how to cook everything vegetarian, and the best recipes in the world) and i cook from them pretty much daily. but this, this may be his best yet. at least in terms of recipes i will make and love. from the back of the book: “this style of cooking is about three things: speed, flexibility, and relaxation. if you read one of these recipes, if it inspires you and you have the ingredients (or something aproximating them) to throw it together- then go into the kitchen, assemble what you need, and have at it. you may never order take-out again.”

when i said i cook from bittman’s cookbooks daily, i meant on days that i cook, which recently hasn’t been much at all. my schedule this term has been full of evening classes and 5:30 meetings. that combined with damian’s gigging and rehearsal schedule cuts the motivation to make a nice dinner down by a lot.

but this book, this book! i think this book is going to change all that. 20 minute meals! and the recipes look GOOD! i think i may end up making one recipe a day for a while. first on the list are: “potpie”chicken salad sand which, vietnamese beef noodle soup (instant pho?), saag paneer (20 min saag?), BLT salad, fish braised in lemon with tomatoes and red peppers, chicken with green olives, chicken with coconut and lime, pad thai, and chocolate mousse. and that’s just from the spring section.  happy day.