my baby is growing into a very, very active boy! i’m having so much fun watching him grow and develop. he cracks me up constantly. this phase is also challenging for me. i’m starting to understand what people are talking about when they say “terrible twos” i’m still offended by the phrase, but i get it. toddlers are passionate, opinionated, and totally irrational. it’s a little intense… but i’m learning more and more how to make life less frustrating for both of us.
one thing that is working well is slowing down and involving him in what i’m doing. so instead of trying to get stuff done, and being constantly interrupted, we do it together. he hands me clothes pins for each piece of laundry i’m hanging, and then when the clothes are dry i hand them to him and he puts them in the basket. it’s not at all efficient, and some stuff lands in the sand, but we have a good time and i figure eventually he’ll get to the point where he really is helping.
i’ve been involving him in cooking each meal too. it’s pretty crazy, i’m a little terrified that i’ll accidentally cut off his finger or splatter hot oil on his face, but that just adds to the sense of adventure, right?
here’s a little sampling of what we do in the kitchen.

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