digging swales

i’m currently in one of those moments where i have a sleeping child, and 50 million to-do list items to choose from. so naturally, i chose to do none of them, and instead am posting a video of oliver running along a freshly dug swale. the swale is in progress. the digging is complete except each tree still needs a couple pits that we’ll pack with spongy matter (cardboard, junk mail, shredded paper) to hold the water and then the whole swale will all get heavily mulched.┬áthe swale is on contour. normally people dig swales first, and then plant trees in them (or on the berm in non-drylands). we had already planted the trees 5 years ago so damian dug around them. most of the trees you see here are jujubes. they’ve done really well for us, much better than any of our other fruit trees, and we like the fruit too.

also, i meant to edit out the part where i say “yay” and give stupid instructions. oh well.