First-Year Changes Seen From Above

Here are “before and after” satellite images that show evidence of our progress as of last winter thanks to Google Maps. Can’t wait till they update them again, because we have done a lot since then!



As of December 2014

As of December 2014

5 thoughts on “First-Year Changes Seen From Above

  1. Hi Damian, I just love this, have been showing it to anyone who’ll listen when the bottom one got posted on Facebook a while back. To have the comparison is awesome and yes, it’ll be so neat to see next update. I’m so proud of you guys and how you live your lives, could’t be happier with my kids and their families 😀 Love, Willow

  2. This is terrific! I have been seriously considering a move to MY to do exactly what you are doing. I’m very excited to find this article and I”ll be following your progress. How are you doing so far with the water situation? Do you know Garth over in Pioneer Town?

    Good luck to you!

    • Thanks! I’ve been too busy with all this to post, but hopefully some updates soon. I do know Garth and admire his work very much! Good luck with your project… We need people everywhere working on this!


  3. How is your project going? Looking forward to your next post! My wife and I are considering moving to JTree soon and looking at your project for inspiration. Thanks for everything you have posted so far!

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