Chickens and Welcome!

Welcome to our new website! Keep an eye on us here to see our latest projects and offerings from our little patch of high desert abundance.

A few weeks ago I got a call from the post office that our 50 day-old chicks had arrived. My 4-year-old and I rushed over there to usher the peeping box of cuteness to their new home. Everything has gone well so far and the chicks have transitioned from a cardboard box, to a henhouse, to a “straw yard” and are growing fast! We have Cornish cross -the classic fast growing meat bird, Pioneer -a fast growing dual purpose (eggs and meat) bird popular among permaculture folks, and Buff Orphington -a gentle heritage breed, also considered dual purpose. In a few weeks we’ll be eating home grown meat, and in a few months we should have plenty of eggs. We don’t know yet how many roosters we have, but I’m hoping it’s about half, which would leave us with about 15 laying hens, that’s┬ájust about right for the size of our current hen house and will provide about 7 dozen eggs a week. plenty for our family and enough to share with neighbors.

IMG_20160315_081123 IMG_20160226_142445