Yucca root shampoo


Damian harvested a yucca* root from our yard, then peeled, sliced and pulverized it. The process took all afternoon, but according to the internet, the root makes a wonderful shampoo. I’m eager to try it since all the other “natural” shampoos and “no-poo” methods I’ve tried have been major fails for my hair/scalp/esthetic. If we like it, we won’t have to buy shampoo for a few years! The pulverized root can be stored dry indefinitely. I’ll update this post with a review as soon as I’ve formed an opinion.

Update -First hair washing:
I’m really pleased with my first use! I just took a little chunk of pulverized yucca and mashed it into my wet hair. I rubed it around just like shampoo and rinsed. I didn’t use conditioner or anything. My scalp feels good, my hair is clean, soft & shiney. This is pretty exciting! I had started to give up hope on natural shampoo after trying every health food store brand as well as various homemade concoctions that all led to one form or another of icky feeling hair and/or scalp.
Now I’m wondering if we can propegate yucca for harvest. All the native plants here take so very long to grow, it feels a bit cruel to dig one up.

*I’m talking about Yucca baccata, Not to be confused with “yuca” root (Manihot esculenta), also known as cassava or tapioca, that you can buy in the grocery store and eat. Totally different plant.

UPDATE: 5 months later damian and i are both exclusively using yucca to wash our hair. after it was pulverized we dried it in the food dehydrator. to wash with it we take a chunk of dried yucca and slosh it around in warm water in an empty yogurt container. then we strain it through a mesh sieve into another yogurt container and that liquid is what we use as shampoo.  we are still using the same root damian harvested in december, it goes a long way. i have no complaints. also, damian’s dandruff is gone.